Head of Technology (Full Time, Remote)

Work Type: Full Time

Position: Head of Technology (Full Time, Remote)

Organization: Accelerate Change

Reports to: VP of Product and Tech 

Direct Reports: Overseeing contractor support initially, then building a team of staff 

Location: Full-time, 100% remote position (from home or co-working space) with occasional travel once every 2-3 months (post-COVID)

COVID-19: We take Covid-19 safety very seriously. Employees must follow our Covid safety protocols and be fully vaccinated and boosted. Accommodations are provided to the extent required by law.

About Accelerate Change

Founded in 2012, Accelerate Change is a nonprofit (c3/c4) digital media lab. We work to increase civic engagement with BIPOC and low-income communities through digital media. Our programs include:

  • Scaling emerging cultural media properties

  • Investing in established cultural media properties

  • Building influencer networks

  • Leading a digital media lab

  • Driving civic engagement campaigns

Learn more about our theory of change, approach, and impact at 

Our team is made up of digital media innovators and operators who bring a mix of tech, business, civic engagement, and media backgrounds. Meet our team and learn more about our culture at 

About the Position

Accelerate Change is seeking a Head of Technology to lead our digital media tech infrastructure and solutions. This role both leads Accelerate’s Technology Department and oversees shared tech infrastructure for Accelerate’s network of partners. This role is initially an individual contributor role with extensive contractor support, and then this person will propose and build a team of staff supporting the work.

There are two important aspects of this role that we want to make sure are clear to candidates:

  1. Many people who the Head of Technology will support and collaborate in our network will not have the same degree of technical knowledge or confidence as the Head of Technology will have. This role requires wanting to work in that environment. (The folks in our network who this role collaborates with wear many hats - including being chatbot builders, data analysts, and media buyers - and are our priority when we develop tech solutions to our programming needs. They are dedicated to understanding and serving their audiences and their innovative work drives our network’s impact, but tech is not generally their focus.) 

  2. As an organization that continues to practice our anti-racist values, we place an emphasis on candidates who can show their experience in working with teams of varying technical experience. This role demands 1) a willingness to “meet others where they are” with their technical experience, and 2) an understanding of how power dynamics, race, culture, and gender affect who has historically been included and excluded from technical work and tech-enabled programming.

Here’s what you could expect to do as Head of Technology (key responsibilities):

Tech Infrastructure

  • Use JSON API plugins to support our partners’ backend work in Chatfuel

  • Develop and maintain Wordpress websites for our partners 

  • Build, maintain, and troubleshoot integrations related to Heroku, Chatfuel, Amplitude, Facebook, and Instagram Messenger bots 

  • Implement solutions for requests to execute SMS campaigns with our partners and support SMS campaign data collection 

  • Write or record tech documentation that enables our central staff and partners to run more technically-driven experiments

  • Oversee the implementation of ongoing tech security measures and tech permissions 

Leadership and Collaboration 

  • Study, maintain, and identify areas for improvement for our current tech infrastructure above

  • Identify and implement new solutions to meet our evolving tech infrastructure needs

  • Lead the above tech infrastructure areas initially with support from contractors, then identify staff capacity needs and hire a team of staff to fuel the Department’s work

  • With input from the VP of Product and Tech, develop and oversee the implementation of our tech strategy, priorities, and - over time - major innovations to our systems and approach

  • Work in close collaboration with other Departments in the Product and Tech area to address rapidly changing Accelerate and network needs that are directly or indirectly related to tech 

  • Advise on and enable tech elements of tech-driven digital media experimentation

  • Work with the Leadership Team to shape the strategy and methodology for Accelerate 

We’ll also look for the Head of Technology to:

  • TBD. As part of a rapidly growing organization, you’ll need to embrace change and that your responsibilities will shift over time. Pitching in to help with the needs of your department and the overall Central Team is an important part of your role.

  • Help advance our goal of becoming an anti-racist organization. Within your role, apply equitable work practices, challenge white supremacy, and help make our programs more inclusive. Center our understanding that multiple systems of oppression intersect with racism and be an active part of our values work.

  • Serve as a resource to our networks of partners. Help amplify partner successes, make connections between partners and facilitate learning sharing, and offer your expertise to partners in our networks wherever it makes sense.

  • Take an entrepreneurial approach to their work and learning new skills. In our fast-paced, unstructured environment, we love it when staff first try to figure things out on their own and then ask for help if they’re stuck.

  • Seek out opportunities to deepen their skills on current/emerging platforms and with lean startup methodology. We take an individualized approach to growth where staff have the chance to explore and propose development opportunities that align with their interests and the team’s priorities.

What We’re Looking For

  • Commitment to social change: Accelerate Change is a progressive workplace focused on civic engagement with BIPOC and low-income communities. You have a demonstrated commitment to this work and you’d like to be part of a team of people who do, too.

  • Tech experience: You have prior tech experience with JSON API plugins, Wordpress, Heroku, and Javascript (along with other programming languages).

  • Stakeholder management skills: When it comes to working with internal and external stakeholders in a complex organizational structure, you know the importance of letting stakeholders know what they can expect from you (and when), delivering on those expectations, and communicating along the way if things change. Plus, you communicate with clarity and kindness, even when frustrated or in high-pressure situations. .

  • Adaptability: We use lean startup methodologies and work with startups, so things pivot frequently and priorities shift quickly. We’re looking for someone who prefers (not just tolerates) working in a fast-paced environment like ours. A lean approach to tech is radically different from most candidates’ prior tech experience, so we want to be transparent: While this role will be the resident expert on the tech platforms and coding languages their Department oversees, we still expect this role to be on a learning curve when it comes bringing their tech expertise to our lean startup environment and adapting to the ways we work. If you’re not comfortable working at the intersection of being an expert in your craft and having a lot to learn and adapt to, then this role won’t be a good fit. 


  • $95,000 - $114,000 salary range, with exact salary depending on experience and new staff rarely starting at the top of the range. 

  • Flexibility for work and life: Unlike a lot of places, we actually believe that people should only work 40 hours each week, except for occasional sprints that require more time in a week. We also trust everyone to make a schedule that works for them, as long as you’re able to join all necessary meetings. Want to work more one day and less the next? Fine by us. Work better in the middle of the night than during the afternoon? Go for it. Need to shift your hours to be able to pick up your kid from school? All good. 

  • Health care after 3 months, with individual premiums fully covered and cost-share for dependents. Vision and dental plans are available at-cost to the individual. 

  • 15 paid vacation days, 6 paid holidays, 3 paid floating holidays each year and 7.5 paid sick days each year

  • Professional development funds, with renewal of funds each fiscal year

  • Cell phone and internet reimbursement (or co-working reimbursement): We acknowledge that working from home requires using your own internet and phone for work purposes so we offer a set reimbursement amount for cell phone and internet usage. If working home isn’t for you, we also have the option for folks to rent a co-working space and get reimbursed for their monthly costs. 

  • 401(k) plan after one year, with 100% employer match on the first 3% and 50% employer match on the next 2%


To apply, please upload your resume and tell us more about your experience on the application on our website. 

Accelerate Change is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that people of color, people from working class backgrounds, women, and LGBTQIA+ people must be centered in the work we do. Hence, we strongly encourage applications from people with these identities or who are members of other marginalized communities.

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Please tell us about your specific tech experience with JSON API plugins, Wordpress, Heroku, Javascript, and any other programming languages you know beyond Javascript. For each one, be sure to share how many years of experience you have with it and from which role(s) on your resume, along with any other details that you think would be helpful for us to know about your technical experience.
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We work with startups, so flexibility and comfort with change are central to our team's success. 

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